Street style ft. Crow

Some of the outfits bespoke of street style and it is one of them. Wear it with your favourite white shoes or your fringe tan slip ons to rock this look. I love the quality of fabric Crow, the label uses for its clothing. They are raw, earthen and rich in quality. I have worked with Crow before too, you can see it here.

It is also one of the outfit I wore to the second day of Amazon India Fashion Week. If you want to check my other Amazon India Fashion Week looks, you can view them here, Day 1, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.


Why is it that we keep on cribbing about the unsuccessful deeds even when we know that no superpower can rectify them? It all matters how do you take up the challenge that has been thrown on you by life. Even if at some moments we don’t succeed, why do we rant? Why don’t we give time to settle that phase of life? Time heals everything that is true but it only heals if you devise a way out of it so that even if it heals it no longer pains.

Let’s relax and think about where are we heading? Is it the right path or we are just merely following the ones around us? Let’s stop and set your goals right. Let’s stop pulling someone down just for a sense of achievement. Let’s start complimenting about someone’s ambition rather than just pulling them down by saying, “Huh! So what, everyone can do that!” Well guys, if everyone would have wanted to do it they would have decided for themselves and would have started doing it, no one is asking for your opinion. Instead if you could just say, ” Oh well, this sounds interesting. I might would want to try it too.” then it would have been more sensible. As we know you only pull down those whom you can’t be or just don’t want to be. Probably because you don’t have any caliber to the same or you are too lazy to perform. Also I believe before pointing fingers at someone, one should see what other is capable of.

amazon india fashion week

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