Stay Strong till the End: Amaron

It was an early Friday morning when my friends called up and asked about my day’s plan. I had a busy week and was really looking forward to taking some rest over the weekend. But you know how friends are, when they plant an idea in their mind, you really can’t say no to them.

So we decided to go to Raj Niwas Palace, Near Agra for two nights. It was 5 hours drive, and due to our past experiences, I had given up on road trips altogether. Half of the times there were situations that our car stopped in the middle of the highway. Other times, one of the friends just slept while driving and the other mistakenly told us to turn right instead of left, and we were literally left stranded in the middle of nowhere.

rajniwas palace 16
This time, I had to make sure that none of these situations are repeated and asked my brother to give me his car for the road trip. My sweet brother, for whom my safety is the priority, to my surprise he did not say no to me even once. Though, I knew how painful it is for him to let go of his car even for a day but you know, how brothers are when it comes to their sisters?

If you guys are wondering what was so special about my brother’s car? Well, his car had an Amaron battery. He upgraded his car battery a year back and well, since then it was running so smoothly that all his friends asked him to take out his car whenever they went on a road trip.

Amaron PRO Battery Shot - 02 (2)

So how could he have said no to me? 😉 He gave me his car for my road trip as he relies only on Amaron batteries because it lasts long and with him by my side, I have started believing in it too.

rajniwas palace 16

Now I have concluded that Amaron is undoubtedly the best car battery when it comes to durability and dependability.

We all look for a companion for our life journey and after this trip, I am quite sure that a road trip with friends is always a fun and it leaves you with some great memories. I did reach Raj Niwas Palace on time that too without a halt and we spent full 3 days at this beautiful location.

rajniwas palace 16


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