Starry Night with Ritu Jain Singh

Bedazzled, are you? , he asked.
She turned to see who it was and could not see anyone but just the darkness.
She took another step forward but again a voice called. This time, she stopped.
All she could see was a hand coming out of the black shield. Approaching her, asking her to accompany him. She paused and stood there with a pale, straight face.

What is she thinking, doesn’t she know that down below those stairs there is no one who longed for her like he does. She might find every one smiling at her, wanting to talk to her, not because they loved her but just to gain something out of her, he thought. But she stood there thinking to take a leap and see what could be so fallacious in such a starry gathering.

ritu jain singh, popxo

ritu jain singh, popxo
ritu jain singh, popxo

She trailed down, taking a step at a time as she did not want to fall by getting entangled in the hem of her flowing fuchsia coloured dress. Each step made her feel that she is the star of the night. But when she was amongst the gathering with a sangria in hand, she loved the calmness it gave but the rough attitude of people buzzing around the famous faces perturbed her. She thought that he was right,
this place is not for her.

Bedazzled with the essence of wine, she treaded back upstairs to be with him who was like her. Who warned her but she, a psycho head, just cannot believe on what she heard but only on what she experienced.

ritu jain singh, popxo
ritu jain singh, popxo
This fuchsia coloured kaftan dress is from Ritu Jain Singh, a label based in Jaipur. It captures the essence of modern India, coming alive through the interplay of fabrics and embroideries. You can shop this dress by clicking on the link above or if you are looking for similar dress, here is the link.
Also, the earrings are from T&J Boutique, with them I have worked in past and you would love their collection. To view you can click here.
ritu jain singh, popxo
ritu jain singh, popxo

Location Courtesy : Teddy boy, Delhi.


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