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alila diwa goa spa
When you step in Spa Alila, you are left spellbound by the ultimate beauty. From every step you take to every move you make, all you can breath and feel is pure nature. Amongst their vast menu of spa services, I went for the one named Uzhichil.

What do you mean by Uzhichil?
It’s a traditional Ayurvedic de-stressing massage that is delivered with warm medicated herbal oils that are known for great anti-ageing properties. The use of long strokes induces complete relaxation of the body and mind. It helps helps pacify the Vatha component in the body it also improves circulation, relieves fatigue and even revitalizes the skin.

alila diwa goa spa feature

Moreover it’s an open body massage unlike other treatments i.e. you are not given any warm towel to cover yourself as that is how the long strokes can be managed. The warm oil seeps into your pores relaxing your muscle with every move.

Though I felt the pressure my masseuse used was quite soft, I am not the kind of person who interrupts such treatments unless the situation may be but over all as all spa treatments generally are, it was relaxing. Also quite different thing in Spa Alila was that they have an individual steam room. Generally you find one big steam room in where you accommodate with other people but here every room had their own personal steam and bathing area.

alila diwa goa spa feature

The best thing out of all was their open bathing area. By the time you are done with your steam, the masseuse arranges your bathing area so that you can have a fresh and warm bath. In addition to it, I loved their in house bathing products. <3

alila diwa goa spa

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Other than all the body relaxation treatments, Spa Alila also have a gem of a person, Dr.Arjita Kumari, she is the queen of the detox plans at Spa Alila. If you have any ailments that are not getting cured, she advises a special diet for you that are specially cooked by their in house chef just for your betterment.

Overall the experience was good, though I would personally prefer to try more treatments at Spa Alila, so that I can be a better judge for the same.

alila diwa goa spa

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