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At times you hardly find a place that you can call as your relaxing zone but here at Sofitel Spa, known as So Spa you feel the vibe that bespoke of rejuvenation and relaxation. The moment you enter here, the lovely fragrance of rose and jasmine lightens up your mood and you can hardly resist not stepping into the spa zone.

sofitel spa

Our first spa treatment was named “So Exhilarating Massage”, this one also is their signature one and well, how could I resist not to give their best one a try. Heera my therapist started the ritual by cleaning my foot with a hot towel and then she started with dry massage with deep pressure. She was literally leaning on me by sitting on the treatment table so that each joint gets due pressure and Aah! it was so exhilarating that all the tension just released from those tied up knots in my body. Following that she used mildly hot oil to carry on the treatment and it just not relaxed my body but even made force into deep sleep, but baby I am a ricochet! 😛 As that was not enough, then came hot stone massage and this step just exemplified the whole treatment, I still could feel that unwinding of my muscle during this treatment. Before I forget, this is a MUST try spa treatment if you are anywhere near Sofitel BKC, Mumbai.
If you are thinking that was all, well no! Then followed face and head massage and I must say Heera’s hand perfectly worked on my head and it just left me more rejuvenated and light at the same time. After that as the procedure follows and if you have been reading our previous spa blogs then you know, that how can we not miss on the steam! Well, this time, I also realised it’s best not to use soap on your body while you bathe after your treatment as it helps to keep your body soft and supple.

sofitel spa

sofitel spa
Well that was not all, as we were staying at Sofitel BKC, Mumbai for two nights, we also experienced another relaxing treatment named “Soothing Lavender Massage”. The treatment started with a mixture of lavender oil and lotion. The fragrance and pressure points were moderate but nonetheless the whole experience just satiated our need to rejuvenate and head to our warm beds. In this treatment Heera did an amazing work by going to the next level and giving me a wonderful head and face massage.

sofitel spa
sofitel spa
sofitel spa
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