Sofitel Mumbai BKC staycation

When you enter in a hotel and you find the hospitable staff leading you towards next step with an ease of gesture then you know how comfortable your after stay would be. With royal vintage car parked outside the hotel and theme of the whole hotel being subtle and elegant, your only hope is that will this kind of luxury also be replicated in the room? Well, Yes! Sofitel Mumbai BKC a luxury property do stand for these amenities as they believes in hosting their guests in a friendly environment.

sofitel bkc 4Details of this maxi: Shein.

When we entered our room, our first thought was how stupendously comfortable luxury does they provide with. With the room temperature being perfect that too in this hot weather and a bathtub ready with rose petals to engulf in, are some of the special gestures that always leaves a long lasting impression on your heart and yes, not to forget there was also a chocolate made frame with our picture, wasn’t that sweet?

sofitel mumbai bkc tub
sofitel mumbai bkc bed
sofitel mumbai bkc
sofitel mumbai bkc

sofitel mumbai bkc
Well, this spot above our comfortable sofa was my favourite spot, though there was no view as such but this place had a calmness of it’s own. Sofitel Mumbai BKC believes in five sense luxury which is also currently what are they offering as they turn five this year. What do you think five senses are? Well, it starts from Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste and Hearing.

When it comes to Sense of Sight, then well the best thing here about Sofitel Mumbai BKC is that they arrange BMW 5 series for the pick and drop from your doorstep, also they have a grand lobby that leaves you mesmerised, moreover when we went, it was Easter Weekend and they have that cute, yummy decoration. 

sofitel mumbai bkc
When it comes to Sense Of Touch then you have to wait for our next blog post that talks about Sofitel Mumbai BKC ‘s 24 hour So Spa by L’occitane and Savio John Pereira Salon.

Next comes in the line is the Sense Of Smell, well their Spa area was amazingly infused with fragrances from L’occitane and our room had these chocolates, macrons and special tea packs to make the whole stay more memorable.

sofitel mumbai bkc

Then comes Sense Of Taste where you can opt for having breakfast in bed or in their very famous Pondicherry Cafe. With world class luxury they also serve best food in town to satiate your taste buds. Will be doing a blog separately around our dining experience. So stay tuned for that. J

Lastly comes Sense Of Hearing where you can get drown in the melodious tunes and music at their luxurious venues, though din’t get an opportunity to experience it but I am sure, it would be worth trying. J

Other than their five senses experience, what we loved at Sofitel Mumbai BKC was the architecture. We loved the detailing and the effort they have put across. From the cozy swimming pool area to their lobby, everything bespoke of a well-structured design.

sofitel mumbai bkc

sofitel mumbai bkc
sofitel mumbai bkc

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