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The best thing about St. D’vencé 100% pure sweet Almond Oil is that it leaves your body nourished without clogging your pores. Some oils are so thick in consistency that you literally feel oiled by just the touch of it but this is not the case with this one. Though it states that it can be used for both hair and body, I personally feel it’s more of a body massage oil than hair oil. Firstly though it gives you a nourished body if applied after bath but it’s not for very dry skin like mine as it does not keep the moisture locked for even 24 hours.
But as it is pure or stated otherwise, I love the touch of it and would not mind skipping my body lotion for at least 2 days a week as this oil leaves you quite relaxed even after the first usage. It is one of those oils that makes you relaxed and rejuvenated only when applied calmly and not in a hurry.

st d'vence-almond-oil
Love Love Love this St. D’vencé winter edition Tea Tree Oil Shea Butter. It’s an ultra nourishing Body Lotion with Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil and French Shea Butter which intensely re-hydrates the lost moisture of the skin leaving your deeply hydrated and it only has positive points attached:
1. Great product for dry skin and especially for that winter skin that’s always scratchy and dry.
2. Smells Lovely
3. Keep moisture locked for minimum 24 hours
4. Priced at just INR 300
5. Penetrates deeply giving you a healthy looking skin.

st d'vence-body-lotion
This St. D’vencé Multani Lotion is something that can be induced in your daily skin care routine. Though it’s named as a lotion but it’s an everyday use face pack that fights acne and leaves your skin glowing and healthy. The best thing is that it also contains Natural Rose Water which itself is a best world known beauty treatment. If you are looking for a beauty mask that you can use everyday then this is your key product. Though I feel it’s more suitable for summers with all that sweat and pollution covering us but sometimes you need a change.

Multani Mitti when mixed with honey and saffron can give you some bombastic results as the combination makes your skin smooth, supple and give you a good glow and happily this beauty mask is enriched with all these ingredients.

st d'vence
Multani Mitti also known as Fuller’s Earth has various skin care benefits and when used regularly onto your skin it helps in expunging acne, dullness and irritation. Loved how St. D’vencé has brought this Mulanti Mask which does not just cleanse your face but also with the help of cucumber extracts detoxify you skin.
It is advised to use twice a week with a thick layer lathered onto your skin. I loved how feasible is product being priced at INR 599 and moreover with ingredients like Orange Peel Extracts, Cucumber and Honey it makes a total worthy purchase.
I fell in love with the fragrance that’s quite similar to rose water and yes, I have been using this and Multani Lotion for a over a week now and well, I no longer need BB Cream for a quick rendevouz with friends.
st d'vence-multani-face-pack
Are you looking to change your soap bar or your body gel? This St. D’vencé Bath and Shower Gel surely leaves you enticed even after the first use. It has a lovely fragrance that lingers on for a little long than your usual bars and it states it leaves you skin nourished, well in winters can’t really judge that but yes, it’s one of my favourite shower gels as for me, a bath should be heavenly making you feel fresh and surely not leaving your skin dry and I found all of it in this 250 ml bottle.
st d'vence-body-wash

You can shop these products on Amazon and some huge discounts are going on these products so what are you waiting for?

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