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A lot of you have been commenting on my pictures about what I do for my skin and hair care so I thought why not to post a blog around our skin and hair care regime. It may not be an extensive blog taking you through all the details but broadly you will get to know what is organically best.
I have used products that are readily available and can easily be incorporated in you daily routine. The best thing about these products is that they are natural, next to homemade and does not really have any side effects.

To start with the first step I indulge in moisturizing my face with the true essence of Aloe Vera. Many of you say that using Aloe Vera directly from the plant can be harmful and often messy. To replace that I found a perfect solution in Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel.
This gel does not only help in reducing the blemishes and keeping your face moisturized but it also tames down frizzy hair if applied as a hair mask.

patanjali aloe vera face gel

So first thing I do in morning is to apply a layer of Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel on face and keep it for half an hour. In that half an hour, I prepare my facemask. The facemask I use is again all organically made and is prepared at home. I call it Orange Glow Mask.

What all do you need to prepare it? (INGREDIENTS)
a. Lots and Lots of Dried Orange Peel (You need to collect the orange peels and dry them for over while)
b. Camphor
c. Split Black Gram (Kali Masoor)
d. Barley

How to prepare?
Grind all the ingredients until it turns into fine powder and store it in a vessel.

How to apply?
Take a spoonful of the mixture in a bowl and mix it with yoghurt. Apply it evenly on the face. Wash it off when completely dry.

How does it benefit?
It helps in restoring the glow to your skin also it nourishes, softens and moisturizes your face.

orange glow homemade pack

Usually it’s recommended to apply facemask twice a week, so I plan to stick on that.

So that goes my face care routine but I also keep following my hair care routine. To start with the same, I never ever was my hair without conditioning them. Either it is post care and I apply hair masks that come with my shampoo or it is pre care.

Have you guys heard of Patanjali KeshKanti Amla hair oil? Well, you shall go and try it out as it helps in strengthening the hair, it prevents hair fall to an extent and also helps in reducing split ends.

First in my hair care routine is Patanjali KeshKanti Amla hair oil that I apply half an hour before washing my hair. I usually wash my hair thrice a week, and I use this hair oil alternatively.

patanjali kesh kanti amla hair oil

Secondly when it comes to hair masks, I totally love my Banana hair mask.

homemade banana hair mask
What all do you need?
a. Ripe Banana
b. Olive Oil
c. Coconut Oil
d. Honey

How do you prepare and apply it?

Grind all the ingredients together and make it into a smoothie. Apply it evening on your hair and keep it for at least half an hour. Do not forget to cover your head to avoid moisture loss, rinse it off with warm water. Comb thoroughly after you rinse your hair to remove any banana pieces you would have not grinded well.

What are the benefits?
The moisture boost in the mask will strengthen your hair to prevent breakage and split ends, it also maintain your natural hair elasticity by making your hair bouncy and healthy.

So now you know what to do for a glowing face and healthy hair. J


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