Sister or a Bridesmaid? ft. Benika Gada

When you don’t feel like wearing a lehenga every time someone gets married, nor want to go for a crop top and skirt either then you are hardly left with much options rather than playing a Bollywood actress or your mum in a saree. 😉
Now a days we are always on a look out for a new outfit, a new a style and a new look. Recently received this outfit from Benika Gada, a startup label based in Mumbai and what I loved in the outfit was the quality and the fit of it. The embellishments and the colour are truly majestic and it is surely a head turner wherever you go.

The palazzos and crop top set generally looks good when the fit is apt and the stitch is perfect, so if you are a bridesmaid or a sister of the bridezilla then now you know where can you get your wings from?
You can contact the designer, Label Benika Gada on her Facebook Page to buy this look and to have a look  at her other designs.

benika gada
benika gada

She moved like a wind. She swayed like a bird in the dreams of many but her heart was captivated
by one beast. A beast with a moustache and height like a pillar. She din’t know what was so
special about him but only knew that there was no one like him. She tried to keep
others calm and did not talk about her liking in the public but nor even tried
to hide that beast. One day he came and took her hand in front of millions
of them, she just looked at him and thought that she was
always right on choosing over hundreds of them.

benika gada
benika gada
What I loved in this crop top and palazzo set is the versatility of the set. I have styled this palazzo pants in other ways too, will be posting that look soon. J
No doubt that the set is complete on a whole but being a blogger you end of trying various looks than just one, as versatility is the core of it.

benika gada
benika gada
benika gada

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