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Sometimes you want to switch to relax kind of clothing, a type of dressing that is done without any second thought. Most of the times in this situation you end up in your loose pyjamas or you still head to jeans with loose tee. But what if I say that even your comfy body fit tee and your favourite denims can be paired up to rock this chill look?

Recently when I was surfing through Internet, I stumbled about this brand Kanso that creates shirts for the Effortless Minimalist! Now this was something I was really willing to try. A loose shirt with soft material accompanied with body hugging clothes. What impressed me out of the lot was the quality of the fabric, you may see formal shirts now and then, some made from linen and so but the quality here was in all states bespoke of luxury. The colour shade was perfect and something that suits every skin tone and body type.

You can even wear it with your skirts while tucking it in, or with your short dresses as a cape or with shorts to have a breezy look. Love how versatile this shirt can be <3.

You can buy their shirts from Pernia Popup shop or The Amethyst Room in Chennai. All these pictures were shot during our stay in Alila Diwa Goa, also did you go through our blog discussing what all we did in Alila Diwa? If not you can check it here.

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kanso 1
kanso 1
kanso 1

She thought, is the world right in claiming her love false? Or is she right that she stood strong with her partner for ten years and shares wisdom where they believe that this is just a positive beginning for their beautiful life. Who said that in a relation you don’t have to adjust and compromise a little, any which if two people from different backgrounds wants to be together with the support of family then you need to look after each other’s problem and find a way to mend it rather than escaping it and breaking hearts around.

Sometimes I wonder what’s a girl’s life like? When she is at her Father’s home, she is taken care of like a princess and even going on trips with friends and especially guys calls out for a long table conversation but at some certain age because of our society’s mindset, they marry her to a guy (though he may not be a stranger but then he didn’t know you from the day you were born!!) and asks him to take care of their princess. But what if that guys likes blue castle instead of white? Even though you may convince him to change the colour or half paint it with white but will his family be willing to go through all that changes?

I guess it would have been better if girls were not taken care of a princess as one day they need to live incorporating the ideas and whims of others and then there is no free will.

kanso 1
kanso 1
kanso 1


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