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She aims to be successful in life, get all what she is capable of. You cannot bound her with your own rules as baby, she is a ricochet and she will bounce back to get what she deserves. Neither she asks for things she is not yet capable of but she surely works hard enough to earn every single drop of luck, when on the other hand you are thinking that she is just getting lucky. She has not lost in the woods and finding her happy abode but she is right there in front of you struggling, working and achieving.

Loved the quality of this dress that I got from You can visit them by clicking here. Even though it is a foreign website but Shein delivery is much quicker than our Indian one’s. With varied options to choose from, you surely can find an outfit from Sheinside that fits you the best.

sheinside review

shein clothing
 Moreover the best thing is that, you can find the best prices for most of the garments and believe on me when I say, that your money won’t be wasted on this Shein Clothing. From dresses to shoes, they have it all. So what are you waiting for, go shop some she in dresses. 🙂

You can style the dress the way I did, or pair it with a cow boy hat and leave your hair loose, this again will give a dramatic effect. Girls, Sheinside dresses are surely drool worthy.

sheinside reviews
 If you are wondering where are these silver rings from, well yes they are so chic and fun to wear. You can shop them from HERE. It comes in a set of four and looks best when worn together.

shein shopping


These heels are custom made from Paio Shoes. I hope you check my last post where I was wearing custom made tan shoe, if not you can check it here. They are surely a one stop destination for best fitted shoes.

Paio shoes



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