Shades of Grey ft. Postfold

As clouds play hide n seek with sun and leaves us in cold dark days, why do we need to feel blue and end up like a wool ball cozied up in our quilt when we can intervene new styles and new outfits. Let’s chuck our usual jeans and pants and switch to warm winter dresses or skirts and try out a new look.

This kimono from Postfold is all you need to rock any of your winter look, just wear it above your bodysuits, dresses or shirts to look chic. What I loved about Postfold is the top quality fabric they use to make a perfect piece. We come across lots of fall clothing that looks fashionable but when it comes to keep your warmth intact the fail in it and this thing is totally contrary when it comes to Postfold.

I have paired this Houndshooth Kimono with a warm grey dress from Koovs and a top from Splash. You can even pair it up with a shirt beneath the jacket or wear it with a slip dress or the way I have styled it to justify the feel of this Kimono.

Why do you associate grey with sick and old when it is one of those colours that soothe your messed up senses? It looks good with most of the colour combinations.


Grey days, Grey World, Grey Life. She walked straight on the grey road in the look for a white place
where there was no black spot. Her life was turned into shades of greys when she knew that
no matter how much she loves someone, she couldn’t be the only priority of that
person. It stroke her that even though you endlessly give yourself to someone
still that person just cannot belong to you. That’s the harsh truth of the
world and well why not, you cannot own someone! But
sometimes your care, your passion, your love
supersedes to an extent that you feel that
he/she is your only world (which is also
not the truth though, it’s just in the moment).
All our life we are in a grey place, because pure
black and pure white are the spaces that cannot be found.


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