Sameera seemed as if she has just walked out from a nightmare

Sameera looked towards Rishi, her eyes were red with lines like barbed wires spread across. A tear trickled down her lovely blue eyes as they met Rishi’s sober and concerned eyes.

Sameera married to Taaril when her father surrendered himself to death and bestowed her to his comrade.
On a gloomy evening three years ago, Mr. Shetty declared it to Sameera,” I have lived long enough to make a choice for you and you know Taaril, my junior, has been very helpful to me in my adventures. I believe he will take good care of you as I did”.
For Sameera it was like a thunderbolt. She did not know how to respond to her dying father. She kept wondering why her mother has not told her father about Rishi yet. Countless words escaped her but she was voiceless. Sameera did not have the heart to disobey her father whom she endlessly loved.

Sameera looked towards her mom and asked, Ma do you not want to say anything about how my marriage has been decided?”  She could not meet Sameera’s eyes but even would not dare to disobey the wish of her dying husband.  Her mother sighed, “I believe your father is right. Taaril will keep you happy.”

Silence was now a new member in the family.

Sameera hurried to her room with tears rushing down meeting her lips. She dialed the first number on her favorites from her Iphone. Rishi answered, “Hello”. There was silence on the other side. He could hear her. He could see the nose turning red with every sob. He could feel the moisture on her lips. He could see the passive eyes turning into an outward rage. At the end Sameera pleaded, “Take me with you, I cannot live here anymore. They want me to marry someone named Taaril. But I have loved you and thought of only you as my life partner. I cannot even think of someone else touching me.”

Rishi trembled. He had not thought this decision of getting married would fall upon him so early. He loved her but loved his family more. He could not elope with her. The thought of telling his family that he had brought a girl home after deluding her family gave him jitters. His lips trembled when he said, “Marry him . I love you and will always love you but I cannot make you into a runaway bride. I am sorry.”

The call disconnected.

Suicide, was the first thought that came to her mind. He had broken his promise of staying together always and forever.  Her ego was hurt. Her first love was left incomplete. She felt like a small insect trotted upon. What stopped Sameera was the thought that without her, her father her mother would be orphaned, she loved her family.

A year passed.
Taaril had given her everything she wanted even though she never asked for it. She found love in a box she never looked into. Love had different definitions in every relationship.
On December 12, 2012, he had to leave as a war had broken out.  Sameera was alone in his mansion at Vasant Vihar. Little did he know what he was leaving behind would not be same when he returned. Sameera bade him goodbye ignorant of what was to follow.

Rishi did not leave this opportunity and went directly to his lover’s house without any invitation. His first step on the stairs of her house gave him hope. For him, it was a dream come true to be with Sameera. He sounded the bell but there was no answer.  He ran across and encountered a half-open window. There was a pool of blood in the main area of the drawing room. The furniture was lying upside down, the upholstery was torn from the cream colored sofa. A bouquet of roses lay on the floor. A crystal lamp lay broken with its pieces scattered all over like the broken dreams of Rishi of being with Sameera. He was scared to death. He broke the window with his elbow and jumped inside the room. He called out for her but there was no reply. He screamed but was not able to get anywhere near her. He slipped and crashed against the furniture and at last, he heard a creak from a door on his left. He saw a little girl with disheveled hair falling. Her red eyes showed as if she had seen a nightmare.

Few hours back, Rishi had glided down the road his eyes glistening with happiness. With each step, he saw his happy future with Sameera. He rang the bell shifting the bouquet of flowers from one hand to another. Sameera had come running to the door in a hope that maybe Taaril had left something behind and wanted to collect it but to her dismay, Rishi was standing at the entry. She stumbled in disbelief. “What are you doing here? Who shared my location with you? What do you want? Get out of here” Sameera said to Rishi feeling uncomfortable in his presence. His blood ran through his eyes. “I want you back and now the time has come Sameera. Take me in your arms and be with me forever,” Rishi exclaimed to Sameera. “I am not into you now Rishi. I am a married woman and I have accepted my new life. Please do not interfere with it now when you moved out so easily”. Sameera said to Rishi annoyingly.
Her blue dress moved with her turning bosom. The thickly painted eyelash shuts itself down with a tiny blackish grey eye drop shedding out from her eye. How much she wanted to cling to him a year back and now she do not want to be anywhere near him. To her disbelief, Rishi punched hard on her face and she fell back on the floor with a torn curtain in her hand. Through a little bump on her head, blood started oozing out turning the floor red. Within another second a wooden table came crashing towards her.  The angel she thought she was in love with had turned out to be a disciple of Satan. Her eyes shut with utter pain that starts with colliding of her ribs. She lost consciousness.

Now when she saw Rishi’s calm eyes full of concern coming towards her through the door left half open, Sameera shivered back with fear. She could see the drastic change of emotions in his eyes. He did not remember anything that had happened before in the mansion. He was in sharp contrast with what she has encountered before.

The world twisted around her. All the memories of past few years flashed in front of her like a movie. All the time when Rishi was rude to her was the time she had asked him questions about the things he had never expected to hear. He had always bestowed love on her. Other than, the times when something was abrupt to his calm self. But was it not normal to sometime be angry in a relationship?
However, after meeting his metamorphosed side she realized she did not know who he is. She was shocked and tried to collect her scattered thoughts.

She realized it.

Rishi suffered from the acute syndrome of personality disorder.
love story

By Aanchal Goel 


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