Safi: A step to blemish free skin

Are you the one who is suffering from uneven skin tone? Teenage years are always problematic and you are in a constant fight with your conscience about the way you present yourself. Thanks to Safi, it helped many of us to outgrow our reserved self and come out as an individual who is confident about their skin by gifting us a skin type with almost no blemishes. <3
Few of the points that make Safi one of the best herbal compositions for skin betterment and blood purification:
It consists of:

Neem – Neem purifies the blood and keeps it free from almost every skin disease.
Chiraita – Chiraita keeps the skin toxin free.
Senna – Senna  keeps the stomach clear and as a result, your skin.
Tulsi – Tulsi improves blood circulation and helps your skin shine.

Also, it not only helps in digestion but also aids in reducing excess weight.



The best thing is that all of the above can be achieved at a feasible price of i.e. INR 55 for 100 ml, and you can easily find Safi at any medical online or offline store which makes it accessible to all. Also, because of the plastic bottle packaging it makes it less fragile and thus easy to carry and use.

Lastly, when it comes to the dosage, it is advised to take two spoons of Safi with a glass of water on daily basis if you want to see the desired results.


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Fun Fact: I have personally used Safi in my teenage years and unlike the rest of my friends and family, I somehow liked the sour taste of Safi! 😉 Well not only that but I believe that this herbal dosage of goodness has literally helped me achieve a clearer, blemish free skin. It’s a must try people if you have similar issues. <3


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