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When your spa room comes with a great view, then you really should not ask for much. Such was the beauty of this therapy room with wooden interiors at Royal Tulip, Kufri. As Kufri is not a warm place, the cordial staff did have a heater installed in the room to manage the temperature.They had extensive menu for Spa but sadly the one I wanted to experience was not available. As one of the products for exfoliation was missing from the lot.
Thus, I went for Swedish Massage and the therapist Chan Chan was sweet enough to guide me to the treatment table. Other than treatment table, I also loved how well built their Sauna Room was.
Samaya Royal Tulip Kufri
Samaya Royal Tulip Kufri, spa blog
Samaya Royal Tulip Kufri, spa blog
She used Olive Oil through out the body but I wish the oil would have been a little warmer then it would have been a great experience altogether. Chan Chan went with soft strokes though I am a person who loves hard pressure, I did ask her to improvise on the same. Thus she did accomplish on relaxing my body by releasing the tension and helping me getting refreshed.
I loved the long strokes she used but a little amount of stretching that is a part of Swedish Massage was missing.
On the whole level, you can experience the basic massage if you are a fresher and does not have tried your hand at Spa’s before. As what I believed that the professionalism and the sincerity in giving the therapy was missing. Moreover what was disheartening that their was an immense language barrier between me and the masseuse as she was not able to understand English or Hindi.

Royal Tulip Kufri spa, spa blog
Royal Tulip Kufri spa 4
Ratings: 4/10
Also did you see my stay experience at Royal Tulip, Kufri yet? If not then you must as the stay experience was totally worth it. <3

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