Round the way she goes ft. Femella

She moved like a wind and her thoughts disobeyed her mind and heart. She swayed while moving down the street and her hair flicked with every turn she took. She preferred warm sunlight on her face rather than a cool breeze with a bonfire by her side. Her face looked dull like a storm one day but shined like an Italian white marble the other day. Her mood did not swing like her dress but her heart pumped love with every breath. She was not the one you can pull down or in some case cheer up, she had her own way of solving things that mattered to her.

(I have styled another blue dress before, you can check it here.)

femella fashion
Femella blue dress
When she turned her back she only thought of the place she lived a beautiful memory. All her heart could say : Let’s walk together for a lunch in the weather when clouds are shining and glistening sun rays touches your face. A place where the dish on your platter is as prettier the dress you are wearing. When your bronzed face shines in the eyes of the onlookers. A place of serenity and peace. What is it with white places like Santorini, Greece and these stairs from Olive Qutub, Mehrauli, Delhi, they call out for those moments that you can cherish forever. It works as a backdrop to some dreams that you painted on the canvas a long time back. A dream in which you like to stay in.

A swing dress with your favourite bag and a good hair day is what you need to rock this look. This high-low Femella dress is perfect in the quality fabric also it compliments your figure if worn with proper inmates. This navy blue dress from Femella certainly makes me look ladylike, isn’t it? Last time I have styled Femella Fashions was on my trip to Venice that you can view here. Such are the websites that makes online shopping an easy process.

Femella blue dress
femella fashion
femella fashion, femella dresses
femella fashion, femella dresses
Femella blue dress


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