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Most of the times we have seen and in fact have been a part of a quote ‘Dress to Impress’ but my question is why? Why do you want to impress anyone? You are not here to impress but to be a person you think is amiable, calm and environmentally accepted. Yes, you should have basic norms in your life to be a good person. But the thing is that it is very important to be yourself and find happiness in that.
This is one of my those outfits that can easily go with my leisure, brunch and evening scenes. I have clubbed two brands to create this full look. The blush pink contrast daisy print high low cuffed tee is from Romwe. I love how versatile is this one, as it can be worn with jeans, pants, skirts and what not? I have paired this tee with the pants from Faballey and to complete the full look, Tresmode block heels came in handy.
I believe this look is something that bespoke what I truly am. As this is look is something in which I can literally spend a week in, not kidding! Well why one one week if you may ask? Then I shall say variety is a spice of life, isn’t it? 😛
Also, if you want to know what outfit made me felt like this last time then you may click here! It is not a leisure outfit but it is one that defines what your evening gowns should be like!

In addition with my last two looks even this one is shot at The Lalit Mangar. Full review of the property will be up soon but till then did you read about our spa experience?

PS: If you are wondering if Romwe is a trusted website or not then you should know that it’s a sister concern of, so happy shopping guys!

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