Retro look ft. BIBA and Ahilya Jewels

It’s just me or suddenly everything seems stagnant? Though winter is coming but still days are looking bigger than nights. If all I could do is sleep all day, I will probably the happiest person but even the idea of it just does not calm me. Something is shuddering and the desire for achieving more is just not satiating. Why do we humans cannot be satisfied? I put out this question to all of you, we have this unending want to attain more. Yes, it is true that to not to wish for more makes you dull but is it like a never ending process? Can we never be satisfied and just work ourself off to try harder and harder until we succeed?

biba dresses online
Like take this outfit, I had to re-shoot it and it’s not just one that I have re-shot but there have been times when we are doing six to seven shoots together, time comes that one or two shoots even after processing does not satisfy you. Not that the brand hovers over you and say to re-shoot but it’s just your own satisfaction. I work for myself and until and unless I am not happy with it, I cannot showcase it too. So you see, the ending want and the unending desire.

Leaving my troubled mind aside, would like to tell that this cool retro look can be shopped from BIBA. I have done two looks before too, that you can check here, Look 1 and Look 2. I love how vibrant and versatile BIBA’s collection is. They have something for all ages and quality of fabric is undoubtedly one to keep. Be it any occasion from weddings to functions if you are looking for ethnic wear, you must drop by to your nearest BIBA outlet.
Earrings are from Ahilya Jewels. Ahilya started by Kajal Kapadia Jain showcases some intricate designs in handcrafted Silver Jewellery. The pieces itself bespoke of elegance. Adorn it with your ethnics or westerns they can do justice to any of your outfit. My favourite piece from Ahilya Jewels being this one is a design that is artistic and yet fashionable.

Ahilya Jewels

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