Red Riding ft. Shein

Amongst many up and downs of life there comes a time that you really feel it is time to widen your arms and accept what is coming in your way. Have you lived your life in a way that it frees yourself and aspire you to become a person who you really think would be the best version of yourself? Never stop learning more and never back off from new positive opportunities just because you don’t think that you can’t do it! Well, the fact is if you close your eyes and think what you really want to become then in that very moment you can accumulate all the scattered confidence.

Never stop aiming for higher goals as that’s the only thing that can keep you going. Initially when I started blogging, I didn’t know I will be here doing shoots at some of the great and well-developed properties but it’s rightly said that let the time come and you will be spellbound by the bounty of the outcome. Never stop believing in yourself.

I shot this look at The Lalit Mangar, I hope you did see the property review, if not then you must as it is one of those perfect weekend getaways! This Red Embroidered Lace Overlay Open Back Maxi Dress from is one of those dresses that can be worn on those perfect occasions of summer lunch gatherings or evenings. I have paired this red maxi dress from Shein with wedges from Tresmode, to know more about them and see how I have styled more footwear from Tresmode you can view my last posts.

But other than that have you checked my previous posts with yet? If not you can check it here to know more about the brand and the quality of their products.

red maxi shein 6
red maxi shein 6
red maxi dress 09
red maxi shein 6
shein red maxi 2
shein red maxi 2
shein red maxi 2

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