Red Dress Love ft. StyleMati

Red is for love and a Red Dress is for the one in love with herself or someone maybe but herself for sure. 😉

red dress
What is best than to wear a red dress with minimal accessory to accentuate the feel of the dress? Moreover when it is made from an earthen fabric. <3 Most of us look for dresses that can be worn decently to some of our family events and at the same time can make you stand out in the crowd with your friends, isn’t it?

Well your prayers have been answered girls! This cherry red dress from Style Mati is surely an apple to the eye. With red threads sewn in soft linen this makes a perfect outfit for most of the occasions that we girls have to attend. You can shop it from HERE. It’s the designer’s Facebook page by taking our reference and she will surely help you out in stitching a perfect fit for you. Also, if you think that you have heard this name before in My Multifaceted Diary then you are right, I have featured one more outfit from her collection in past, you can view it here.

red dress
red dress
I know this is an odd pose 😀 but just wanted to show you that this cherry red dress can look good anyhow. 🙂

If you are wondering where this headgear is from, then I must tell you it’s a choker neckpiece not a headgear but isn’t it looking lovely like this? You can view the details of the headgear here, a blog where I styled it as a neckpiece.

You can also style this pretty red dress from Style Mati with your stilettos and a top bun to rock a cocktail look or add a layer of junkies with a jooti on your toe to be a street style epitome. 😉

red dress
red dress

red dress

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