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When some situations of life gets more intricate than the surroundings, when everyone around starts to think that you are a selfish soul, who just worry about itself then you have to take a step forward to be a rebel. It is not about making someone lose but about winning and making them realize that you were veracious when you chose the vertical path rather than taking the usual horizontal one.

This Khaki colour Lapse dress from Stalk Buy Love is one such outfit that complements the free soul of a person. Wear it on a casual day with tan footwear and a sling to rock this look. Though the fabric of this dress is quite thin but then summers are for such outfits that does not cling to us when we are already getting drained in heat.

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Stalk buy love
Stalk buy love
Stalk buy love
Stalk buy love
What is it that stops you to wander and follow what your heart desires? It does not matter what the other one will think, you should have the courage to show that yes, you can do it. No matter how many hurdles you face in your path, (who said it was easy?) but without a strong heart you cannot lead to anywhere. You may think that a support is required to make you achieve those dreams but what if that support also requires someone? Depending upon somebody is worst than being a rebel.

Stalk buy love
Stalk buy love

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