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How are you guys doing ? I hope, you have read my previous blog post on Natural Clothing. If not click here. Once you go through it, you will notice my inclination towards such dressing. It’s easy to carry, simple to wear and looks terrific when it’s on.  Sometimes, some dresses canvasses in such a way that a bindi just enhances the whole look and you don’t even need any further editing. Natural fabrics like cotton and khadi are such that when worn with simplicity they tend to look the best. Though, these outfits can be worn easily during daytime, to your lunch dates and even around an evening with your friends.

So, hereby I present you my favourite two outfits from Raiman‘s collection. Her ‘prime focus is to revive the ethnic vintage crafts into a contemporary fashion with a flavour of Indian-ness in the silhouettes.’ Also the label derives inspirations from the local surroundings capturing the tiniest of details and incorporating it in the garments. The clothing and feel of it is so light that you can wander the world in it.
In this blog post, I am also featuring Kilim Arch tote, round bag and ballerina from Boriya Basta. The brand has some unique and a fine work of craftsmanship. Their each and every piece are rare and cannot be imitated. They possess everything from bags, ballerinas to cushion covers made from Kilim. edited edited1 edited3

DSC_0095 edited4 edited6

I paired the jacket and the pants with a crop top from Forever 21. Then what was missing was just a boho neckpiece from streets to complete the look. Moreover the bag and ballerinas from Boriya Basta did all the justice to the look.

Attitude sweet as a sugarcane, walk soft like a cotton, starch crisped clothes,
kilim woven bags and you say that she is not an understanding soul?
Down to earth, she moves befriending mother nature on her way.
People around wander like  ghosts trying to catch a glimpse of
that heart who is relentless when it comes to show and diffuse
some love. Don’t call her an unkind soul, she is
worth more than those ruthless words.

From another look in which, I am wearing a cotton tunic, I preferred to keep the look simple. By styling it with tribal choker, some junk bangles and footwear that I bought from Jaipur.

raim2 raim5 raim6

raim1 raim8 riam.1


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