Promod Way: Style your winter

We all try not to look like a stuffed polar bear during winter but half of the times that’s what we are really look like. It doesn’t really matters how much I write about perfect winter styling or so because even I end up wearing layers. 😛 Though in some cases the scenario is just the opposite. This winter wear from Promod is indeed warm and fashionable. I wore it during the end of November but now if you are planning to go with it, do not forget to layer it up with some cool scarfs and jackets.

promod 4, charles and keith
promod 5
I am in one of those moods these days that all my thoughts and all my steps are longing to party hard. I guess December brings such Christmas vibes with itself. When you are loving hot cocoa instead of plain milk. Well not really plain milk, I am quite fanatic about honey, so anything or everything sweet I make, I tend to add honey in it and well, even my hot cocoa doesn’t go without a teaspoon full of honey.

Coming back to my outfit, I have styled this wool sweater with pants from Zara and the bucket bag is from Charles & Keith, when it comes to footwear, well I am more of a boots kind of person when it comes to winters but you can’t really wear boots everywhere. So these shoes from Crocs are what I feel is the best accessory to carry when you want to stand out in the crowd because of the bling and even don’t want to step out of your comfort zone. Lastly, accentuating the whole are my Ray Ban Shades.

promod 4
promod 4
promod 4

Also, I want to share a great news with you guys! For this post, I got a global recognition 🙂

YES, I got featured on Promod‘s Instagram page.


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