Prepping up for Festive Season

With the start of August and our first festival being Rakhsha Bandhan, are you guys all set with your festive outfits for the upcoming festivities? Being Indian and that too being born and brought up in Delhi, we have a jar filled with emotions when it comes to festivals. All the relatives from maternal and paternal side come together and celebrate such occasions. Well, I have so many times cross checked with my friends and hence, I have realised that it’s just me who have around minimum gathering of 20-25 people on any of the festivals but festivals are for that, aren’t they? 🙂

I am planning to start with festive series this month and the months there on. If you ask me what is the reason behind it? Then I must tell you that many a times, I myself look out for some decent, feasible yet beautiful designs to adorn during festivals. But more than half of the time, I literally cannot pick up one great outfit.
So in this series, I will be collaborating with few of the designers, to showcase what can you wear during this festival season. There may be a chance that you may not know all of them, but well, their designs would be worth buying. J

The outfit below is from Ek Soot, a designer based out of Delhi but she does source her outfits to multiple cities. You can style this outfit with minimal jewellery, a good pair of earrings would do. Other than that don’t forget to carry a clutch along with it, to glam up your whole look. Lastly, don’t forget to check my earlier posts regarding festive wear for some quick recap on my last festive/ occasion wear outfit.

ek soot
ek soot 1
ek soot 1
ek soot 1
ek soot 1
ek soot 1

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