Pre-Wedding Check- List

As the wedding season begins, we all have this thought so as to what would we wear on our best friend’s wedding. We all like to dress up and look our best. We dig out the best of our clothes we have as if we all are the brides. However, when it comes to wedding, what is more important is to help your friend who is soon going to leave her spinster life and get married. She would be busy with all the bridal affairs, but it would be of a great help if you, the bridesmaid can maintain a pre-wedding checklist, so that everything is in place and, your friend looks Truly Bridal on her D-Day.

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1. To start with, get to know from the couple or their parents’ the wedding date, as you don’t want to pre plan or post plan any of the other events. Once the date is finalised, you can at least order your wedding clothes accordingly and push your friend to do the same. This way any last minute alterations can be avoided.

2. Set a budget for everything, from the wedding planner to caterer to shopping. Indian weddings bespoke of opulence and the cost that comes attached with it, so, don’t you think it is better to maintain a budget first.

3. When your friend is busy in late night talks with her fiancé, it is better to help her out with what style of wedding the couple would want. From a beach wedding, traditional or vintage, get some wedding décor inspirations. After all, you would be the bridesmaid and, this tag comes with some responsibility.

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4. To help you throughout, hire a wedding planner. If it’s in the assigned budget, you can easily leave half the responsibility to them, but yes, with occasional checks, as you don’t want them to spend on those things that your best friend would not like. However, some invitation gifts would not make anyone mad. Will it?

5. In addition, the most important thing is to finalise a good caterer. As it is said, people are not going to remember anything else other than what you wore and what they ate. So it is better that you make your friend gear up for her wedding look while you do the tasting.

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6. Last but not the least; please don’t forget to book a makeup and hair artist. It would be best to have a trial prior to your final day. Also, now when all the work is done, you totally deserve a relaxation day at a good spa. Your best friend would not mind one either.. 😀

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