Pinnacle by Shruti Sancheti

I present you the glimpse of summer collection from the brand Pinnacle by Shruti Sancheti. Who started her brand with the capsule collection of 30 pieces and now she is such a big name. Being born in Kolkata, her designs reflect the soul of India but she aims to style them in the most contemporary way. She believes ” In giving her collection a timeless appeal “. For summer’s she prefer designs that are soothing to your eyes.  In her summer collection, you will majorly see florals flowering its way towards the hot trend!

Just checked that most of my blog posts are about these summer. But there is no end to it until, well summer’s just don’t end ! Instead of the scorching heat summer also brings festivities in Indian families. I am not talking about weddings but small functions that befit here and there in Indian desi calendar. Where your relatives just don’t resist themselves on pricking on your life. But these festivities also bring occasions in which you can wear beautifully light clothes that marries to your comfort level instead of wearing those outfits that stabs you from embroidered corners.

She stood their looking towards the sun. Her thoughts wandering into the shadow of her being.
Skeptical that why mortality has to cover itself in the flash of light when everyone
is seeking a heart full of warmth.

pinnacle by shruti sancheti  pinnacle by shruti sancheti  divya chughpinnacle by shruti sancheti   pinnacle by shruti sancheti  pinnacle by shruti sancheti

 pinnacle by shruti sancheti

      pinnacle by shruti sancheti

 pinnacle by shruti sancheti

Accessories from Jewelry by Divya Chugh
Cluch from Klick by RG


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