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Ever wondered what it is to have a magic wand?

When from another room, your mom shouts to get the groceries or else the local kirana shop will be closed. Lethargically, you have no other option than to push yourself from your only sweetheart ‘couch’. But then I guess, two people who decided not to leave their sweet couch took a stand to launch a life changing app “Pepper Tap”.

Everyone of us surely falls in this category now and then. After all who likes to stand in a queue to pay the bills or to get suffocated by the crowd in a search for unending choices. Surely the app has made our life easier. It guarantees a delivery within 2 hours of the order placed. It does deliver your shopping cart in time, I know because I have tested it. The quality, the delivery time and the gratification level matches the customer satisfaction level.


From Groceries to Beauty and Health care, Pepper Tap has quite a good variety of products used in our daily routine. Though you cannot find any head over heels discounts on the website that may make Pepper Tap cheaper than your local vendors but it surely provides you the ease to search from the vast variety of products.


It’s easy to use and the delivery process is much simple. They check the authentication of the user by sending out the verification code so that there is no confusion and the transaction is smooth. What else can you ask for when groceries are delivered at your doorstep and you hand out the cash at the same time. The bonus is that delivery above Rs.250 is absolutely free.


I loved this app for online grocery shopping and surely you would once you tap on the Pepper Tap app. You can download it from your play store for a handy access or you can visit their website by clicking this link – Pepper Tap.


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