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As the wedding season commences, I really wanted to showcase jewellery from one of my favourite Jewellery brand with whom I have worked in past. If you are following me on my social media, you would have seen the different looks that I created by now. Though that time, I was doing a Diwali Series look book but I feel that these looks can be re-created for the upcoming wedding season. Around that time, I have also separate outfit blog per look, so will be linking that too below.

Orra Jewellers 6
a. This Gold Jewellery from Orra Jewellers can be worn on a wedding occasion of your sibling. Though, this was my Diwali look and I went little extravagant as who doesn’t love Diwali? But I believe this look can be perfectly re-worn on a wedding function. I paired this jewellery with an outfit from Ritu Kumar, to know more head to the blog.
Who says that Gold is for Old? Everything pales before the shine of Gold and I love the way the essence of heritage & tradition has been carved beautifully in Gold by @orrajewellery . They have a beautiful collection of temple jewellery, lovely temple jhumkas and even their Toda jewellery swept away my heart!
Thus, this Diwali-look of mine could not have been complete without ORRA Jewellers!

Orra Jewellers 2
Orra Jewellers 2
Orra Jewellers 1

b. Diamond Jewellery: This look was created for Diwali Parties but can it not easily be worn on an Engagement Party or a Cocktail Dinner? Link to the outfit.
When it comes to Diwali Parties, it’s best not to go over the top rather the deal is to stay classy. Diamond jewellery is the kind of accessory that can be worn on some big occasions but a string of diamonds and complimentary earrings is just what I need when it comes to keeping my Diwali Party look rocking. @orrajewellery undoubtedly showcases some of the delicate diamond jewellery designs that can just glamorise your day! 🌷🌺

Orra Jewellers 5
Orra Jewellers 5

c. Platinum Jewellery: I created this look for a Diwali Weekend Getaway but this can easily be re-worn on a Mehendi Function. Link to the outfit.
My travel mantra is “Minimalism”. But that does not mean style takes a backseat . The statement Platinum earring & ring set from ORRA Jewellers are the perfect companion for the weekend getaway around Diwali. The classy Platinum sparkle is definitely going to make my Diwali memories even more beautiful.

Orra Jewellers 6

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