Organic Harvest Facial Cleanser

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Lately, I have been searching for a face wash that doesn’t dries your face after usage and I found this Masseuscious cleanser aka Organic Harvest Facial Cleanser. Named as damage control cleanser it washes away impurities and dirt from your skin but what it the best part is the soft bristles attached to it. Which makes it handy and easy to use.

I have always read that you should not directly apply a face wash on your face as its quite harmful for your skin. The best way to use a face wash is to lather it first on your palms and then apply it onto your face.


The bristles lathers softly onto your skin, foaming your skin with berry like fragrance and you can feel slow and steady change if you specially have a very dry skin like me. They claim that pH balance of your skin remains intact after the usage. Well, I am no scientist but yes, my skin did feel much more hydrated than usual days.

The best thing about this Organic Harvest Masseuscious cleanser is that soft berry fragrance that lingers after the application, I don’t know if you know I am a berry fan, anything with berries attracts me a lot.

Wondering how to apply this cleanser on your face? organic-harvest-face-wash
Press the bristle just once. The foam that appears in one press is sufficient. Wet your face and just lather it onto your skin covering each spot and then massage the bristles for 30 seconds or a minute as per your liking. Don’t forget to wash the bristles after the use as you would surely not want clogged bristles plus clogged face.

So, if you want to try something new, you must go for it or even if you are looking for something unusual than your daily skin care regime, you are going to love this one.



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