Oppo F1s Review and Comparison

If you are following me on various social media networks, you will get to know that I traveled to JW Marriott, Mumbai and to disclose it now it was for Oppo F1s launch. Before you wonder any further about this phone, here is my opinion on this new phone.

Are you thinking of buying a new phone that has next level software and masters in clicking selfies? Now here is a phone that is tagged as a selfie expert and believe me when I say that a selfie from Oppo F1s beats picture quality from any other device available. To restore this belief, I compared Oppo F1s with Iphone 6 and Samsung A7 and the results shocked me. But before we do the comparison, I would like to tell you about what all can you expect from Oppo F1s.

Oppo F1 S
Oppo F1 S
Yes, you are right in the first look it looks like an Iphone but when you click a selfie from Oppo F1s, you will get to know who rules. 😉

1. This device has FM Radio <3
2. Can you fancy a 16 mp front camera just for your perfect selfie? Yes, Oppo F1s has it. Also the 13 mp rear camera is drool worthy.
3. The metal body is a thumbs up when it comes to looks.
4. With the memory space of 32 Gb, it has all google apps inbuilt.
5. When it comes to selfie filters and patterns, it stands a par from many devices out there.
6. You can create GIF’s with just one click.
7. Have you spent hours doing double exposure on your editor? Here you can do it with just 2 taps.
8. Click a selfie with you touch, voice or movement of palm, is it not cool?
9. Do you know why we like to click selfie from Snapchat? Its because when it gets saved it does not flip, same is with the selfie camera of Oppo F1s.
10. Last but not the least, it gives you amazing night pictures, not only because of super flash but it has the feature to fill light while you are clicking.

Oppo F1 S

1. It is quite slow when it comes to sending mails or connect to servers.
2. Presently, I am using Iphone 5 S, so the size of Oppo F1s was quite uncomfortable to handle, though same is with Iphone 6 and so on.

Everything else is perfect.

Below are the results in the picture quality between Iphone 6 and Oppo F1s.
Oppo f1s and iphone comparison


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Well, we all can see the drastic change in the selfie qualities that were clicked in the same light and both of them are without any filters though they are before and after the party picture 😉 but in the first picture of Mehendi, I filled equal light from both the phones and the results are in front of you.

Comparison between Samsung A7 and Oppo F1s.
Oppo F1 s and Samsung A7 comparison

Again, the pictures were clicked in the same light but the Samsung A7 is making me look like a vampire while Oppo F1s is more natural.

samsung a7 and oppo f1s


So friends, I hope you have made your choices.

Stay Tuned,
Until next post.


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