Once Upon A Trunk . Part 2 .

When you open this trunk of happiness the story can never end so easily. From, Once Upon A Trunk started a beautiful story about a simple girl who wanted to live life on her own terms. She realized that even if a nymph has blessed her with femininity she can only live life by breaking the barricade of conservatism.

Other than those beautiful outfits as mentioned in my previous blog (Part 1), now from the trunk came out a magnificent cape from Bhumika Sharma. The bold and beautiful design of this cape adapts your bodily figure perfectly.

She came with a desire to rule the world with her every move. She believed that no
one was fit for her. She walked with her head high not caring what you may
think of her. She had her prince charming right in front of her. Everyone
wanted to hold her, take a glance at her but she had a magic
cloak to disappear. She wanted to taste freedom, but with one
touch of his, she felt free. Now she wanted more but
life is not the way you think it is. So to make a life
of her own she vanished with the cloak.

Secondly, from the exquisite trunk came out an aqua colored suit by Saumya and Bhavini Modi. The drapes and falls of this outfit are as enticing as sun rays falling on the ocean.

Jewelry by Amalaya and Clutch by Beaumonde.

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