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How concerned are you about your health? Are you taking any precautions to maintain your metabolism? Recently, we attended Omron’s Blogger Meet and we found it quite knowledgeable.  We were thrilled to know the pros and cons of a healthy lifestyle. Not only that, we were also introduced to the new Omron HEM-7600T

Omron 1

It’s undoubtedly, the next generation Blood Pressure monitor. When you hear about Blood Pressure, you tend to think that it’s something that’s common in those in their middle age but well that’s not the case. It’s quite important to monitor your BP on a daily basis so as a result you can be rewarded with a healthy lifestyle.

The Smart Elite HEM- 7600T blood pressure monitor is conceptualized and produced in an increasingly connected world that prizes accuracy and speed. Recognizing that a high proportion of inaccurate measurement can be traced to improper cuff placement, Omron invented the IntelliWrap Cuff that snaps on the arm easily and delivers accurate readings 360 degrees all
around, regardless of how where on your upper arm you put it on.

Omron 1
Omron 1

The best thing is The Omron Connect App. It makes it easy to record, view and manage health data on your IOS or Android smartphones. The Omron connect App utilizes the latest Bluetooth Smart technology for stable connections and low power consumption.

Simply download the app and follow the easy set-up instructions to connect your smartphone to your Smart Elite HEM-7600T. Thereafter, measurements taken on the Smart Elite HEM-7600T are automatically sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you, your carer and doctor to monitor your heart health progress via the Omron Connect App even while you are away on vacation.

Omron 1
Omron 1

Well, the good thing is that it is not limited to the newly launched device but can also be connected to the older versions.

Price & availability:
The Omron Smart Elite HEM-7600T has a recommended retail price (RRP) of $149 (less than INR 10K)and is currently retailing at leading electronic and departmental stores, pharmacies.
PS: Now the Smart Elite HEM-7600T and all Omron blood pressure monitors come with an
extended, five-year warranty.

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