Olive Green, colour of the season.

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She moved like a wind across the shore, in a hope to catch the pearl hidden in the ocean below. A pearl that she wanted to carry with her to her happy abode. An abode where her courtier was waiting. A pearl that was a token of her love. But for him it was just another pearl in the strand of already hundred strewn pearls that he was making for the girl who moved like a wind. The necklace which, with every single pearl, turns into something much more beautiful piece than before.

Love, most of the times has the same meaning for both the partners but what matters is the perception on how you choose to shower the same on your counterpart.

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Olive Green is surely the colour of this season. No matter to which store do you head to, all you can see is olive coloured sweatshirts, t-shirts and what not hanging on the shelves. Other than olive colour, what more is in are these shirt dresses. They are trendy, smart and can be worn casually or formally as per the occasion.
For this post, I am wearing a shirt dress from Stalk Buy Love. It can also look good if it is just worn as a shirt and not as a shrug. But try to add a different coloured belt to enhance the look. As it is not a coat but an ankle length dress. To add a little dramatic effect, I have paired this look with cut out shoes from Dulla.
These shoes are made out of leather and leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. The cut out is crafted from a golden chain and you can rock these shoes either with jeans or a dress. Anyhow they will look good. These beauties look like that they are made with a hint of rock and roll, 60’s era. Dulla is a must check out if you are looking for some good leather products.

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green shrug


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