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It is not most of the times that you remember a place by the name of the hotel you stayed in and moreover you remember that hotel with the scrumptious food you had there. Novotel Imagica Khopoli that is in between Pune and Mumbai express highway leaves you with some great memories. Not only it satiates your taste buds but entertains you with added joy and laughter. From Adlabs Imagica just adjacent to it and their in hotel Disney parades and games, Novotel Imagica comes out to be one of the best destinations. You can visit here on all those occasions when you are looking for something refreshing yet relaxing at the same time. If you have not viewed my last post with Novotel Imagica then you must check it out.

novotel imagica
When we reached Mumbai Airport, our transport arranged by the hotel was there waiting for us and it took us approximately 2.5 hours to reach our destination. This long journey made us tired but our stomach could only think of how hungry it was and we headed to lunch in The Square, a restaurant in Novotel Imagica.

We started with Burmese Khao Suey which generally have coconut flavour accompanied with crushed peanuts, ginger and lemon grass and it tasted just perfect, then in the line came dahi ke kebab and Naanza, well latter one is a must try! Also, I loved their quirky way of making us taste the beverages. On our platter were Litchi and Cranberry Mocktail and second one was Guava. Well, I loved both. !:P
novotel imagicanovotel imagica mocktails
We also tried Bok Choy filled with water chestnut and to be honest it was the first time we were having it and I still can recall the taste of it when I am writing about it. It is one of those delicacies that I would definitely recommend. Other than that, we even got our hands and taste buds triggered by having Linguni Fresh Herbs that is served with American White Pizza. Also when it comes to sweets, their carrot cheesecake and sticky dates pudding are something worth having. novotel imagicaWell that was not all, when we came back from our full day adventure at Adlabs Imagica, the lovely people at Novotel Imagica served us dinner in our room and well, the quality of any food item was not hampered and moreover they serve you quite well even when it’s in-room dining. From custom made beer cocktail ( It had jalapenos and now it’s the only cocktail that I can have, seriously!) to tangy chaat to our trio mousse cake which had red velvet base, we loved every bit of it.

novotel imagica
novotel imagica
novotel imagica
To stop talking about the food and the amazing breakfast buffet we had, the Disney Parade at Novotel Imagica is worth the watch. Moreover when you are with your family and you have kids with you this is the best place in India where you can be. While your kids engage in such fun activities, you can hop onto the gymnasium or their outdoor pool. Moreover they have separate halls for conferences and weddings.
novotel imagica
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novotel imagica
novotel imagica
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