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Most of the times the occasion calls out for a traditional look but we just not feel like to wear any kind of ethnic wear. We prefer to wear something loose that does not outspoke ethnic. A look which is cool, trendy, fun and coordinates more with your personality and body language. This is one such look that I assembled from various brands and designers. A look that was not pre planned but came into place from some of my favourite products.

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To give out the details, this cherry slip (dress ) is from Ritu Jain Singh but it’s not something they design, it’s an inner from one of the look which you view here. The neckpiece is from an Instagram shop named Urban Style Adda, they have some of the best accessories that you should watch out for. Lastly, these boots are from Dulla Shoes, I have styled their footwear before too, you can view it here. They are Nepal based and has some amazing leather footwear that steals the heart.

Indian Fashion Blogger, dulla shoes

She looked into his eyes and his thoughts reverberated through those black gaze. He wanted to take a step forward to clutch that soft hand but her gaze terrified him. He wanted to know more about her but her gaze made him think that she disdained any thought of someone else. She was complete in herself but he longed more of her. He wanted to be a part of her company but she had this look of solemness that made not only him but other’s refrain from her too. Though even at the end no one was able to shatter through the shield which she made just for him to break.

Indian Fashion Blogger
Indian Fashion Blogger
Indian Fashion Blogger

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