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The global warming has taken a toll on the weather. The month of January that is supposed to be cold is not even chilly enough like how it used to be. But when the winter strikes it is best to wrap yourself in warm clothes. Winter is so short and the options to select are quite large. It is best to pick up the trendiest of clothes that can also keep you warm. We may select the most fashionable coats or cardigans but socks that keep our feet warm, we tend to select the most basic one’s.

Most of us does not care much about what socks do we wear or how do they look on our feet. As for us it is something so basic to care about. But as the fashion trends have set the bar high and we all are becoming fashion freaks, would it not be great to choose your foot coverings from among hundreds of pairs? The socks those are comfortable, soft, classy and unique. Recently, I came across Happy Socks, a new store opened up in Select CITYWALK. Until now I had not come across a destination from where you can shop socks worth drooling over but I guess finally this search has been stopped. I am glad that Select CITYWALK dwells such awesome stores. A day out in the mall can surely not be wasted.

The aim behind this Sweden based company now opened in Select CITYWALK Delhi is to create an everyday accessory – into a designed colorful item that also spreads happiness. In reaching this vision they aspire to maintain a rigid standard of ultimate quality, craftsmanship and creativity. Such classic patterns like Paisley, Big Dots and Stripes as well as trendy Camouflage style are what their winter designs bespoke of.
In my upcoming posts, you may see me styling these creatively designed socks. Do you think that wearing socks above your jeans will look good?


happy socks 01
select citywalk
Happy Socks

Pictures Courtesy : Happy Socks India

Out of the few stores that has recently been opened in Select CITYWALK, there is one more outlet, Royce Chocolates that you guys should definitely know about. After all, we know, Chocolate is better than any therapy and when you have one with you, there is no need for any other Doctor. Dark and white chocolates are always my favourite, what about you?
If you have a sweet tooth and you cannot just put an end to your cravings, then you can go the newly opened Royce Chocolates. I have not personally tried these brown scrumptious cocoa bricks but I am looking forward to visit them soon. What is best to buy your favourite chocolates after tasting them? Moreover if you are not a chocolate lover, event then ROYCE has quite a few option for you. From chocolate covers cookies to waffles to crunches.

PS: ROYCE’ Aroma has chocolate from six of the finest cocoa-growing countries in the world.
royce chocolates
Picture Courtesy : Royce Chocolates.


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