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Ever wondered what it is to move around freely without any stress holding onto you? Times when you receive what you dreamt of, be it lying down all the long on your cozy bed without any work load, or planning a trip with your friends without any plotting on how to take an off from your work. :/
No, I am not talking about early teen days when you go to your internships but the days you just want to feel free and want to cuddle with your pillow till the end of the day.

new chic dresses
new chic clothing
Days when you wish to wear your loose dress and still want to look like a new chic, but we know that most of the times it is just impossible to get up from the bed and look like what all those glamorous women in the movies shows us. But then again, it does not avert us from wearing those comfy outfits as such times calls out for dresses we can hug onto, dresses which we can be worn out sometimes for lunches with friends or other times just to hang out freely.

I have got this dress from New Chic, it is a foreign website but it is genuine. I have ordered quite a few outfits from them and they were delivered to me in a month’s time. The best thing is they are shockingly feasible and the quality is similar to what is mentioned but yes, lengths could vary.  You can order yours from here : New Chic Website . Luckily they are also going with discounts on the website and you can avail 20% off by using coupon code: Arriana that is valid from July 21st to Jan 22nd, 2017. 

new chic clothing
new chic coupons
Also if you are wondering where are these shoes from? Then I must tell you that these are custom made. Yes, you can now get your dream shoes made from PAIO. A platform that hear from you and work out the coolest way to help you out. The best thing is that they are simply perfect when it comes to your shoe size.

paio shoes

Being an Indian Fashion Blogger and getting an opportunity to blog about young women’s clothing that are available on foreign websites is pure delight. As we love to introduce you with trendy clothes, cute clothes and new chic clothes every now and then.

new chic reviews
Shades : Marc Jacobs.

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