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After writing and posing for Modern Chic Fashion and Street Style wear, I am here with yet another blog showcasing natural fabrics used by one of my favourite designer.
No matter how much we girls go for fancy clothing by adding bling in our wardrobe but we look best in our minimal simple dressing. The simplicity is best defined with a cotton cloth draped around your body. From khadi to cotton, with patchworks to knits, such trends never go out of fashion and is never a fad thus, it can always do wonders when you are in the crowd.

In this blog I am featuring my favourite two pieces from Doodlage. They believe in designing the clothing from the remains of their previous designs or from the waste raw material of exports. Most of their clothing is filled with patchworks that was a left out from some previous design. In that case you have the wonderful opportunity to wear a unique attire that cannot be replicated. Is that not great?

What I love in these fabrics is that they seem so natural, soft and real that even a touch of them can make you fall in love with them. The two outfits that I am going to feature is a maxi dress and another one is a jacket that is made out of a patchwork.

For the first look, I have paired the floral jacket with a blue pant from Zara and a crop top that I picked up from the streets of Bangkok. To keep the look simple and to enhance the aura of the jacket, I wore a neckpiece and 3D circle earrings from Miss Flurrty. This jewellery brand has some amazing, decent designs that you must check out. The footwear is from Dulla Shoes. I guess, this is one of the best wooden heels I ever wore. It’s comfortable, classy and made of genuine leather.

Here are some pictures from the first look.

She smiled. They looked towards her and wondered that has she gone out of her mind.
When everyone is talking about that how her sister’s marriage did not work instead
of being remorseful, she is smiling. They kept on wondering and she kept on
smiling. She knew it does not work like that. She knew a marriage
arranged is never the one that is made in heaven. But then,
she was still the youngest in family. Now, at least she
knew  that she would not be forced. So,
she glided out happily.

In the second look, I have paired the beautiful maxi with my favourite shoes. To keep it simple, I have styled a clutch and a bracelet from Miss Furrty as I could not use anything more to hamper the beauty of this dress.
Here are some pictured from the same.


More posts coming up soon,

Until then stay with me.


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