Mystical Soul

Is it tough to be confident when you are facing challenges? But then, fear is just another emotion that should be sufficed behind your idea of achievement. A mysterious person is always intrigued upon by the fellow beings and why should they not be? Everyone wants an open book in front of them so that they don’t have to make any effort. But then again, what’s best than having a mysterious soul? People looking forward to know more about you and at the end regretting the time they wasted to know about you. Your each move and every expression gets different from the last one, your mystical soul gets the pump to become a phantom among the crowd. With each click, you portray a different expression. Sometimes you are just so confident in your goals, other times you are just looking upon the other side of the argument, or just showing your imperviousness towards everything around you. But then again, you can also be an angel taking a charge, or someone lost in her dreams or finally someone acknowledging thy neighbour’s presence. Be mystical in your approach. Someone who can easily be judged loses the essence of being enigmatic.


I thereby present two looks from the Label Shift by Nimish Shah. The Shift team believe in to use range of organic, fair trade and natural fibers along with artisanal handloom textiles in both organic and conventional cotton and silk. They pioneer in designing premium fashion for women with a common sense approach to sustainability. The collection is sophisticated in it’s approach complimenting a modern women.

In the first look, I have paired this chevron print maxi in two ways. My personal favourite being a nerdy look and a belt to compliment your bodily figure. Secondly, I also tried to keep the look simple sans accessories.  2edited.shift5edited.shift3

For the second look, I have paired the midi skirt from the label with a loose blue stripped top. Again keeping the look simple. Paired it with white sling from Michael Kors and a soft pastel coloured bellies. The skirt has translucent golden vertical lines making it vibrant when compared to usual white midi skirts.

You can rock these looks, for an evening party with your date, or for a picnic or just a day out with friends.



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