Myntra Anouk collection – A wonderland.


I present you a glimpse of a dress from Myntra Anouk collection that recently collaborated with Disney. You can see their whole collection out here. If you are not aware by now then I must tell you that now you can shop from Myntra only via app. So go download it to have your hand on this lovely collection!
When you hear of motifs like Mickey Mouse, you think its too kiddo to wear. But age does not matter. ‘If you can carry it well, then go for it’ says the designer of Anouk, Ruchi Relen and I totally agree to it. She does not want to limit her collection to some age group, so from her collection, you can find varieties of outfits suiting your whims. The collection compliments the summer because of such colourful and bright hues. You may find the collection similar to Global Desi, as I thought the same. But such pop colours are in trend and no one would use pastels with Mickey Mouse after all it would kill the playfulness around it.



Have you ever felt a desire to cling back to those times that truly belonged to you and only you? When you could have been selfish enough to do what you want to do without thinking about its repercussions. As old as you get, people expect that much maturity from you. But why is that so? They are the one who say never let the child in you die.

The world in which we live in is so confusing. That if you follow someone even they themselves will contradict their own notions. So why to think about why is it happening to you, why are you not able to make it? Just live it up and smile like never before, people may call you mad. But then, who cares?

Live life.


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