My Envy Box : Best products from last 2 months

If you have been following me on various social media networks you would know that I am a frequent user of My Envy Box. The products this small box carries may not be more than countable 4 items but when you see the quality and the brand they provide, it’s totally worth it. These two boxes in the picture below are the last two month’s boxes and below I have also stated the products I loved the most among all.

my envy box , envy box, makup box price

Summer’s call out for light moisturisers that are créme free. Most of the time the moisturisers we use in our daily life even though tagged as oil free leaves our skin greasy in this humid weather. Hedonist clear moisturiser is one of the product in the August Envy Box that caters to one such need of oil-free skin. Though, be careful to apply a pea size of the liquid or you are going to face same problem.

hedonista products

Also, in this month’s, August Envy Box, I received this O3+ Eye Circle Cream, it’s quite useful and one can see instant results. I have never used O3+ products until Envy Box decided to include this brand in their boxes. These 3 products have reached to me over few months but they are dermatologically tested and can do serious wonders onto your skin.

my envy box , envy box, makup box price, o3 plus

Even Skin Yoga is one of the brand that is common in Envy Box. This Marigold Foot Soak from Skin Yoga is one of the best foot moisturiser I have used so far. It contains coconut oil, sea salt and marigold petals that undoubtedly cleanses your foot first, leaving it moist afterwards.

skin yoga products, my envy box , envy box, makup box price

Lastly, Stay Quirky is one of a kind nail colour that has sand particles mixed with the nail paint. It is different than usual so it looks good but not at all handy for daily application. Applied/Tired just because light hues of pink woos me.

my envy box , envy box, makup box price

stay quirky, envy box, my envy box


Hopefully, you too will get envied by the next month with your Envy Box in hand.

Price of 1 month Envy Box : Rs. 850.

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