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Modern Vintage is a kind of dressing that always bespoke of as an elegant clothing. There probably is not a word termed as Modern Vintage but according to me modern vintage is a power dressing that is inspired from Retro and Vintage. A sense of style that is elegant, sophisticated and at the same time has an attached oomph factor.

In this blog post, I am featuring ‘Shades Of India‘, a designer brand that has its strands deeply rooted into Indian culture. From their aesthetics to clothing material everything is uniquely crafted in India. All of its production is in-house, thus enabling it to customise as well as to maintain high quality standards.

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shades of india

This look would have not been complete without this compressed pintex off white shirt from Shades Of India, which I paired up with a skirt from Stalk Buy Love. The shirt in itself compliments the vintage theme of this post, when accompanied with a navy blue skirt and silver jewellery, the modernity of the look remains intact.

shades of india
She was relishing her read in the garden and after each turned page, she mused some words to herself. She wandered around and her restlessness took her deep into the forest, where she looked by her side and witnessed a rabbit hopping around the bush. Wondering where that cute little furry white creature will go, she followed her (‘maybe the rabbit was a female’), her steps took her into the cave. Once she entered it, her world went black and white. That moment, she realised how much she longed for those days where the purity or truthfulness of someone’s speech was more pure than a colour of a white shirt. The days where a monochrome picture spoke thousands of words than a coloured one.

vintage dresses online india

modern vintage women clothing

make in india

The full look is created using Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, Fit me Concealer, Blush 02 and Lip Gradation Pink.Maybelline Fit me Foundation

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