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2Finally my website is ready and it looks really good to me. What do you guys think?

After my Street Style blogs, which you can view here, now there is something on modern chic fashion. There is a lot to come in this category but till then, you can view the Part 1. Modern girl is not someone who does not wear Salwar Suit or the one who just sticks to wearing uber short clothes. But she is the one who knows how to carry herself in each and every attire. A modern chic knows how to make style statements in her everyday look. She knows how to make the heads turn even with her simplicity.

Wether she adorns a maxi skirt with a fitted crop top or a crush skirt with a formal top, she can rock two similar looks in two different beautiful ways.

For my first post on Modern chic Fashion, I am featuring a look from the designer Farah Sanjana. I have styled jewellery from Ornamas and footwear from

Farah Sanjana’s outfits have that western touch to it, which loudly speaks of being bold. An outfit from her collection can literally make you look ravishing.
Secondly, Oranamas have some beautifully designed jewellery which at least being fashion blogger, I have not got hold of. They are artistically designed pieces. You can have a look at them in the pictures,we shot for the blog.

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All these pictures are shot at Aqua, The Park Hotel, Delhi.

Part 2 of modern chic fashion will be soon out. No more monday ‘blue’ when you have such outfits to wear.

Until then,
Stay with me.


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