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As the western tradition settles in our culture and the modern brides like to keep their look minimalistic, Kalyan Jewellers with the help of wedding expert Maia Sethna enlighten us on how to rock a minimalist bride look.

We know that if we have to keep our look simple, sophisticated yet elegant, we should switch to muted hues like pastel shades of mauve and aqua. But girls, if you are not the one who would want to wear these different shades on your wedding than you can switch to bold shades as well, like hot pink and bold red, but then it is best to pick a bridal lehenga with a light embroidery so that you still race in the league of minimalism.

But if you know and believe that you can carry a lighter shade of bridal lehenga than you can opt for darker borders as well, so that your pastel shade lehenga will not look like any other lehenga but an outfit for your wedding day.

When it comes to wedding jewellery, try not to pick up those pieces that you think would never be used in your life, but to keep it minimal, opt for light choker pieces or the big pieces that looks delicate. For your minimal make up look, it is best to highlight your attractive feature than any other area of your face. Do not make a blunder of highlighting both your eyes and lips. It is always best, even in your day-to-day occasions to focus on one feature of your face and keep the other minimal. If you go for poppy reds on your lips that go for light bronze or golden shades over your eye socket.

For your hair, don’t go for over the top hairdo, you can look classy and dainty even in light curls. If you are a braid girl, you can go for fish tail or inverted braids or even make a bun out of those braids and can look elegant as ever.

Go for BBlunt products if you want to keep your hair bouncy and chic. But as we all know, the best accessory a girl can wear on her day is her sweet smile. So girls, don’t be nervous and agitated on your D-Day, among all your makeover just flaunt a smile and you are good to go.

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