Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash

With dust and pollution on the rise, you need a companion 24X7 to be with you to take care of your skin ailments. A product that is handy and can be with you especially when you are traveling and in search for this, I recently came across Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash and found it a great solution to achieve a clear looking skin.

medimix facewash, medimix

medimix facewash, medimix

To restore the natural vitality of your face you need to go to great ends and sometimes you end up using dozens of face washes but not all the time you succeed in finding the best one. Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash, a unique formulation of six essential herbs i.e Aloe Vera, Amaya, Lodhra, Manjistha, Neem, and Turmeric not only cleanses your face but also rejuvenates your skin.

Medimix Facewash, medimix

Neem, Aloe Vera and Turmeric are the natural healers of your skin and a combination of three of them not only rejuvenates your skin but also keep it clear and pimple free. On the other hand Lodhra is well known to reduce the skin inflammation that is caused due to intense heat or extreme exposure and Manjistha enhances your skin texture, keeping it soft and supple.

medimix facewash, medimixIf you have followed my beauty blogs earlier, you would know that I have a dry skin texture and that’s the reason I choose my skin care products wisely. Generally all the face washes that have Neem as one of their ingredients worsens my face texture making it more dry but here Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash, work quite well in comparison with others. I cannot say that it does not dries up my skin as it does but to a level that’s bearable. As after using it, my face feels fresh and I totally heart the fragrance of this gel face wash.

medimix facewash, medimix

It is best suitable for oily and normal skin types. You can get your hands on this product from any retail skin care shop and the best thing is that it’s feasible as it’s priced at INR 60 for 50 ml and INR 100 for 100 ml.



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