Maple Love ft. Postfold

When you wish to travel the world, you end up exploring new places. It’s not like that you are the first one to step there but what matters is how do you perceive it. Everyone grasps different things from the object they touch no one person intakes a similar feeling. Who are you, what will you be and what will you become solely depends on you. Whether you become a follower of a positive tribe or you start your own vibe, all these things settle on one extreme thought. A thought, a step towards exploring new areas of life and how ready are you to grasp it.

These images were shot during our stay at Alibaug, where we went to review Mango Beach Resort, to know more about the place, do check out our previous blogs.

maple leaf

postfold tee 1

Many of you won’t pair this cool gingham top from Postfold with paperbag pastel shorts but I thought to give it a try as wearing jeans at beach doesn’t really make any sense and well, when I clubbed them together, woah! it amazed me. I love how they complimented each other. You can wear those pink sneakers with this look or go for the patent white.

If instead of shorts you are going for jeans, then you can accessorise the look with heels as that would look better.

postfold tee 1
postfold tee 1
postfold tee 1

Alibaug is one of those places that is quiet with long roads leading to beaches and small houses. At first, I believed it’s like Goa but the more I explored, the more I realised that it’s one those places that have very less population and it’s all about nature. The greenery, the autumn leaves, the waves, the untampered areas and the fragrance of fresh mud was in the air. If you live in or near Mumbai or Pune then you must-must visit Alibaug for a weekend getaway!

postfold tee 1
postfold tee 1Stay tuned,
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