Love Generation

Love yourself. Love the one who loves you well. Think about the good deeds they did to you and the one who did wrong, was never really worthy of your love. We are the generation where we tend to keep in mind each and every action done by others that any way affected our life and we really forget how did we reciprocate?

We look for Peace in all our relations and try to find love, whereas these two emotions are something that naturally comes to you. If you are looking for it, your search would God know when will be fulfilled but just sit for a while and let everything go with the flow. Intake love and give love in return, be truthful, stop getting jealous or just leave those people who invokes hatred in you and only then you can find peace and dream of those places that gives your happiness.

This Black and White Palazzo from Love Generation is in all sense one to keep as long as it fits you perfectly and even if you gain or loose wait, this one still be your priced possession. I loved the quality the brand offers and moreover the clothing is so chic and comfy. This is one such palazzo that I can wear to work, to beach, to bed, to lunch or even to dinner. Either pair with a similar top like I have, or you can even go for a black or plain white tee.

Also these pastel blue footwear that was my constant in Goa is from Devika Bharadwaj, if you think you have heard of her before then you are right, we have worked in past too. You can check the previous blog here. I love how this footwear turned out in the pictures, to be honest, I generally don’t wear such bright colours on my foot but now when I was uploading these pictures, all I wanted to relive the beach days, loving this footwear a little more. <3

Love generation
Love generation
Love generation
Love generation
devika bhardwaj
Love generation
Love generation

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