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When you realise that this life is a gift to you and you may or may not get this time back, then is the point you struggle, move your legs in the algae you have submerged yourself. You try to reach for help but you are too ensnared to move out. The life you have lived so far flashes in your eyes. The moments you have admired and lived. The time you stood for perfection and the time you so desperately wanted to re- live. There were moments that you wasted in a hope to have a better future but that sweet future never came. On the contrary you should have lived each and every moment as it passes by and instead of looking for what is in store for you in the future, just live it up. Look into the eyes of your present and believe it to be the best gift given to you by Providence. Don’t shy away from making mistakes as your present is better because of those stupid mistakes you committed in past.  Believe that only you can rectify the errors that were made and only you can mend them to make a better future.


So in this post, I am featuring three of my favourite brands. To start with, the Red Love midi dress and the Vertigo top are from Stalk Buy Love. They never fail to give the best quality to their customers. You can click on the link to full you shopping bucket. Secondly, I want to introduce you to Chiaroscuro. It is a perfect destination to satisfy your carnal desires for leather. From slings to handbags to totes they have it all.  Lastly, I believe you have heard of the footwear brand Tresmode. My uber sexy black pumps are from this brand. They have a store in Select City Walk, Saket, Delhi too. Also to tell you in brief, Tresmode is a phenomenon that evolves each season, continuously keeping pace with the fast changing styles, discovering designers and elevating the fashion industry. So if you get your hands on even one of them, you would want to adorn every single one of them.

More to come up soon.
Until then,
Stay with me.

Location Courtesy : Grand Mercure Goa


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