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This is the time of the season where we all are craving for Monsoon. Though rains just gave us a glimpse of it a while ago but now is hiding somewhere behind those indigo clouds. However we are all set for this monsoon. Are we not? Then why to get dejected with the forever delayed swag of monsoon when you can rock this weather with some trendy clothes. Since every season has it’s own style of fashion, therefore it brings you some more opportunities to experiment with the dull clothing and thus be full of spirit in your every move.
The best way to compliment rainy season is to wear light clothes sans makeup. Wear anything that is comfortable. Even if your are wearing a maxi dress, try to pick up those that are ankle length to avoid a mess. Here are some styles curated by me via which is an online shopping site.Have a look. I believe these are apt for this monsoon season. Get ready to doll up in these styles.

In my first style, I have paired the grey denims with a cool monochrome top. Keeping the colour of the look dull but the boldness of the pattern intact. The bag, the neckpiece and the footwear all integrates the look to make it trendy.
scrap_5592abee149b877417791653_300-1435770096 In my second look, I have tried some bright summer colours. The maxi will look best if it’s ankle length. Lusting to buy this look for myself. A great look for a monsoon/summer lunch.
scrap_55925c76f80c244b90523aeb_300-1435655286If the party is in the evening on the terrace or a farmhouse at the time of monsoon, it’s best to look colourful then sober. 
The look of a wild child. If you are going out for the dinner in these monsoon, by night the puddles will be so big to drown you. So, keep it short and smart.

Last look of the day ! Such a quirky ensemble will make you simply anchor the #OOTD this monsoon. Shop it all from

This is my entry for the Limeroad Blog Fest. All looks are curated by me.
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