Let’s head to beach ! Shall We?

‘Stay at the shore’, he said. I will be back before you realise that I am gone. She had a choice to go with him to the city for a day and be the part of hustle bustle but she wanted to stay back as once in blue moon she gets a real holiday where she does not have to worry about any passing this. Thus, she decided to stay.
Amongst the sound of  blue sea and the waves touching her feet, her senses rejuvenated and she felt more close to herself. She started wondering why do you need someone in your life when you can complete your ambitions and goals by yourself. She wondered and trotted alone on the beach. She was not able to find an answer that why do you have to leave your home and embrace new people? Such questions lingered on and on but she was not able to derive any answer to that.

What do you think is the reason? Don’t be emotional and give us the answer what is given to everyone from generations but tell us the practicality of it. It’s fine if you love a person with all your heart but don’t you love your blood relations in the same way? Why is it always has to be a girl who have to take this responsibility of moving out, opening up and all that things that make your heart heavy. Do mail us as we would really love to know about it. J

So talk about the pictures below, if you are wondering from where is this red stripe summer dress from? Then I must tell you that you must check out Postfold. I have worked with them before too, you can check it here. It’s one of those dresses that can pass for lunch with friends or anytime you just want to lounge!
postfold 2
postfold 2
postfold 2
postfold 2
postfold 2
postfold 2Stay tuned,
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